Request for Proposals

for Personnel Policy Review



The Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board (YBFWRB) is requesting proposals from qualified consultants or firms to conduct a thorough review of our personnel and operations policies and help us identify updates for consideration by the Board. We are dedicated to ensuring that our policies support our mission effectively and are in compliance with all relevant regulations and best practices.

The selected consultant will be responsible for assisting the Board of Directors and Executive Director with a human resource audit to evaluate the comprehensiveness, effectiveness, and compliance of our current personnel and operating policy soliciting proposals for these services in accordance with the terms, conditions and instructions set forth in this Request for Proposal.

There is no expressed or implied obligation for YBFWRB to reimburse responding firms for any expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to the request or for attending any meetings or conferences related to preparing or presenting proposals.


In 2006, 21 local governments including Benton, Yakima and Kittitas Counties and 18 city government joined with the Yakama Nation to sign the Interlocal Agreement creating the Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board. The Board operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation governed by a 10-member Board of Directors selected from representatives of the member governments.

The YBFWRB mission is to restore sustainable and harvestable populations of salmon, steelhead, bull trout and other at-risk fish and wildlife species through collaborative, economically sound efforts, that bring together diverse resources to promote wise resource management of the Yakima River Basin. The YBFWRB’s work focuses on:

  1. Coordinating funding for fish and wildlife restoration projects in the Yakima Basin
  1. Developing strategic plans to guide fish and wildlife recovery efforts in the Yakima Basin
  2. Supporting efforts to implement priorities identified in its strategic plans.
  3. Fostering public awareness and engagement in fish and wildlife recovery issues

The YBFWRB is in a unique position to bring together technical expertise, policy makers and local community representatives to broker long-term solutions to fish and wildlife management issues in the Yakima Basin. More information about the YBFWRB can be found on our website at including our current Two-year Work Plan.

The YBFWRB Board of Directors is seeking to conduct an audit of the Personnel Policy to ensure that our policies support our mission effectively and are in compliance with all relevant regulations and best practices. The Board of Directors anticipates that the goal of the human resource audit is to evaluate the comprehensiveness, effectiveness, and compliance of our current personnel policy.

The primary goals include:

  1. Assessing the alignment of policies with organizational goals
  2. Identifying areas for improvement or updates to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of policies
  3. Ensuring that YBFWRB policies promote a positive work culture and support employee well-being
  4. Providing recommendations for policy revisions or enhancements based on audit findings
  5. Evaluate and compare YBFWRB personnel policies with policies for similar organizations
  6. Conducting research on relevant federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations including RCO, BLM, and DOE grant funding requirements
  7. Assessing the effectiveness of policies in promoting a positive work culture and supporting employee well-being


We have developed the following proposed schedule and tasks for the Personnel Policy audit, but are open to considering modifications based on the successful consultant’s recommendations:

  1. Secure bids and approve a contractor by June 20th, 2024
  2. Initial meeting with Board Executive Committee on June 26th, 2024
  3. Workshop to review draft and propose revisions to be scheduled.
  4. Circulate revised draft to Board Members by July 20th, 2024.
  5. Exec to review input and work with staff/contractor to develop final draft by August 3rd, 2024.
  6. Final approval on August 7, 2024, Board of Director’s meeting.


Consultants should be experienced in working with nonprofit organizations in personnel and operating policy manuals development. The intent of the Request for Proposal is to garner proposals from qualified human resource consultants to work in partnership with the YBFWRB Board of Directors, Executive Committee, staff and key YBFWRB partners. The successful firm will work directly with the Executive Committee and the Executive Director to ensure all activities in this project are completed.


The following information is required for the responses to this RFP to be considered:

  1. Firm name, address, contact name, title, phone number & email address
  2. Description of the background, experience and capabilities of your firm as it relates to the proposed project
  3. List the name and title of the primary consultant and any other key team members who will be assigned to this project and provide a summary of qualifications and experience for each.
  4. Proposed Scope of Work that the approach, strategy, and schedule for completing the Personnel Policy audit
  5. Cost estimate for the proposed Scope of Work, and any other project-related costs
  6. List of 3 references and examples of similar projects

We anticipate a budget of between $5,000 and $10,000 with proposals to be selected based on the best overall value for the amount proposed.


All Proposals must be received by midnight Pacific Time on June 7th, 2024, with interviews and selection of a contractor to be made by the Executive Committee shortly thereafter. Our goal is to award the contract by June 30th, 2024.

Send proposals and questions to Bridget Wood, YBFWRB Operations Manager, at by June 7th, 2024.


Current Policy Manual

Current Operations Policies