A truly historic 2022 SRFB grant round in the Yakima Basin is nearly at its end. We will have the option to award up to $7,651,167 for salmon restoration projects, which is our largest to date by a wide margin. As a result, we received thirteen proposals, with total budgets totaling almost $14.4 million.

This is due to an additional $75 million in state capital funds approved for salmon restoration projects by the state legislature during its 2022 session. Of this, $25 million is for projects with total budgets under $5 million and $50 million is for projects with total budgets over $5 million. Of the $25 million, the Yakima Basin will receive $1,543,967 in addition to the $1,313,200 of SRFB funds approved in 2021 for the 2022 grant round. Our committees will have a total of $2,857,167 available to fund salmon restoration projects under $5 million each, more than double our regular grant round. For the first time, they will have the option of funding as far down the ranked list as they are able to, or carrying over funds to the 2023 grant round.

The additional $50 million will fund projects with total budgets over $5 million each and have permit-ready designs completed by this fall. The Yakima Basin will receive $4,794,000 to fund these large projects. We have the option to open a second competition with proposals due on September 1s. If you have a project that may be appropriate for this funding source, please contact the Lead Entity Program Coordinator Michael Horner as soon as possible to discuss this.

The thirteen proposals received this year are from a variety of sponsors and includes the spectrum of restoration activities. In terms of projects with total budgets under $5 million each, the Kittitas Conservation Trust applied for funding to acquire Yakima River frontage and design a restoration project. The Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group is sponsoring several projects in Kittitas and Yakima counties to assess opportunities for restoration, design restoration projects, and implement other restoration actions. Trout Unlimited also applied to fund design and restoration work in Kittitas County. The Yakama Nation submitted three proposals to fund restoration actions in Yakima County. Finally, Yakima County submitted a proposal to fund a portion of a largescale floodplain restoration project with a budget over $5 million on the mainstem of the Yakima River.

The staff of YBFWRB and our Citizen Committee and Technical Advisory Group (TAG) had the opportunity to hear from the project sponsors during their presentations. They also visited project sites throughout Kittitas and Yakima Counties to hear from sponsors about their proposals. On June 27th, sponsor applications were finalized. The TAG will evaluate proposals on their technical merits at their meeting on July 25th followed by final ranking at the Citizen Committee meeting on August 4th. The SRFB will announce the awards at its September meeting in Olympia, WA. The SRFB has a public comment period during this time and we also welcome your questions and comments. Please contact Michael Horner if you have any questions.