The Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board’s (YBFWRB) mission is to conserve and restore sustainable and harvestable populations of native fish and wildlife species in close partnership with the local communities of the Yakima River Basin.

YBFWRB Board Role

  1. Coordinates funding for fish and wildlife restoration projects in the Yakima Basin (see Grant Program).
  2. Develops strategic plans to guide fish and wildlife recovery efforts in the Yakima Basin (see Recovery Planning).
  3. Supports efforts to implement priorities identified in its strategic plans.
  4. Fosters public awareness and engagement in fish and wildlife recovery issues (see Outreach).

The YBFWRB is in a unique position to bring together technical expertise, policy makers and local community representatives to broker long-term solutions to fish and wildlife management issues in the Yakima Basin.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

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