In 2006, 22 local governments (see members) signed the Interlocal Agreement, creating the Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board. Participating local governments came together to combine the Yakima River Basin Salmon Recovery Board and the Yakima Subbasin Fish & Wildlife Planning Board. 22 local governments signed the Interlocal Agreement creating the Board. The Board operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation governed by a 10-member Board of Directors selected from representatives of the 22 member governments.

The Executive Director oversees regular operations of the non-profit and its staff. The Board has three standing committees. The Executive Committee works with the Executive Director to manage Board operations and finances, while the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) and the Citizen’s Committee (CC) have specific roles in the Board’s annual grant review process (see Grant Program). The Board convenes other committees and informal working groups as needed. The Board’s work is funded by grants and contracts.

The Board has a contract from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office that funds it to serve as both the Regional Salmon Recovery Board and the Lead Entity for the Yakima Basin.

Board Members

Board Members, Staff and Partners on a Project Tour
Photo Credit: A. Conley