2022 Proposals for Projects Over $5 million Under Review

The 2022 Yakima Basin grant round for projects with total budgets over $5 million is complete. In its 2022 session, the Washington State Legislature approved additional funding for large, “shovel-ready” projects with permit-ready designs over $5 million each (including all funding sources). The Yakima Basin was allocated $4,794,000 to fund one or more large projects.

During the first track of the regular 2022 Yakima Basin grant round, which is now complete, our committees evaluated and recommended one project with a total budget over $5 million, Gap to Gap Ecosystem Restoration, Construction Implementation, for funding (see Table 1). The Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board (YBFWRB) forwarded the project to the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB). It was funded at the September SRFB meeting.

However, this project was also partially funded from the SRFB’s Targeted Investment program, and the remaining Yakima Basin allocation for large projects became available to fund one or more additional large projects. YBFWRB issued a RFP, which solicited applications for a second track of the grant round to evaluate and rank additional large projects using the remaining funding in the amount of $3,609,135

The two proposals in Table 2 were submitted through the YBFWRB Lead Entity, addressing YBFWRB’s recovery goals as outlined in the 2009 Yakima Steelhead Recovery Plan and/or the Yakima Bull Trout Action Plan. They met the eligibility criteria identified in RCO’s Manual 18, except that standard match requirements were waived.

Our Board of Directors approved the ranked funding list on September 26, 2022 and the list was submitted to the state on September 30, 2022. Final grant decisions were announced at the December SRFB meeting. The following tables outline the recommended funding lists approved by the YBFWRB Board of Directors. For more information, please see the 2022 Yakima Basin SRFB Large Salmon Habitat Projects Submission Report

Table 1: 2022 Projects Over $5 million Funded (Track 1)

Project Sponsor/Project NameRequestTotal w/ Match
Yakima CountyGap to Gap Ecosystem Restoration, Construction Implementation$4,796,974


Table 2: 2022 Projects Over $5 million Recommended for Funding (Track 2)

RankProject Sponsor/Project NameRequestTotal w/ MatchPresentation VideoPresentation Slide Decks
1Kittitas CountyYakima River Corridor Plan Implementation Phase II$3,600,000


Yakima River Corridor Presentation Video Yakima River Corridor Presentation Slides
2Yakama NationToppenish Creek at Pom Pom Road Floodplain Reconnection$1,965,000 $5,000,001Pom Pom Road Presentation VideoPom Pom Road Presentation Slides