The Citizen Committee (CC) is a group of representatives from each county in the lead entity (Kittitas, Yakima, and Benton) and the Yakama Nation. Each jurisdiction has 4 seats, for a total of 16 members. Participants are interested citizens who are chosen by the Board members from each specific jurisdiction to represent a diversity of local interests defined in RCW 77.85.050.

The CC is critical to ensure that biological priorities and projects have the necessary community support for success. CC members are often the best judges of the community’s social, cultural and economic values, as they apply to salmon recovery, and of how to increase community support over time through the implementation of habitat projects.

The CC uses the Technical Advisory Group’s (TAG) scoring for each project in conjunction with the Citizen Committee Ranking Matrix to develop a ranked project list. Community values considered in the matrix include: cultural, social, economic, efficient & effective resource use, community support, and partner support. The Citizen Committee makes the final recommendation for what projects get funded. They take the recommendations of the TAG into consideration, but they are not obligated to maintain the same ranking given to projects by the TAG if they feel a project’s ranking needs to be adjusted based on its social value or detriment.

The Citizen Committee held its evaluation meeting on Thursday, August 3, 2023. Please see the agenda. A public comment period is available at the beginning of the Citizen Committee evaluation meeting.

Citizen Committee Members

Bill CoxBenton County
Shawn Mellgren Benton County
Eric MendenhallBenton County
VacantBenton County
Bob InouyeYakima County
David LesterYakima County
Max LindenYakima County
Doug MayoYakima County
Serafina FerriYakama Nation
Dave'y LumleyYakama Nation
Xavier MartinezYakama Nation
Tom RingYakama Nation
Mark CharltonKittitas County
Matt EslingerKittitas County
Jay McGowanKittitas County
McClure ToschKittitas County

Committees explore 2017 SRFB project site
Photo Credit: A. Conley

The Citizen Committee operates under the following rules, as defined by the YBFWRB Bylaws:

The Citizen Committee will rank and prioritize projects proposed by the Technical Advisory Group to promote fish and wildlife recovery. Composition and operating procedures for the committee will include:

9.4.1 The Citizen Committee shall be composed of four representatives working and/or residing in Benton, Kittitas and Yakima counties and the Yakama Nation (initially, 16 total). Representatives from each county should represent the diversity of interests particular to their region, e.g. – business, landowner, agricultural, habitat, and fishery enhancement. Elected officials may be representatives when not also serving on the Board of Directors.

9.4.2 The Citizen Committee shall submit to the Board of Directors a prioritized list of SRFB projects for funding. The Board of Directors may review and approve the process and/or the selection of the prioritized project list. The Board of Directors may ask the Citizen Committee to re-assess the list, but does not have the authority to change it themselves.

9.4.3 The Citizen Committee shall use a super-majority vote of 65% for decision-making purposes.

9.4.4 Prioritization of projects being submitted for SRFB funding will follow procedures set by chapter 77.85 RCW.

9.4.5 The Citizens Committee may elect a chair and a vice chair.

9.4.6 Committee members shall remove themselves from participating in decisions and deliberations on projects where they have a direct interest in requested funding.

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