05/29/2024Hybrid MeetingYBIP update; Annual meeting planning; financial system improvementsMinutesOverview
03/27/2024Hybrid Meeting2024 Grant Round Updates, Yakima Basin updates, Recovery Planning updates
01/24/2024Hybrid Meeting2024 Grant Round planning, legislative outreach, recovery planning updatesMinutes Overview
11/29/2023Hybrid MeetingGrant round preparations and new programs, hiring and spending plans, recovery planning updatesMinutesOverview
09/27/2023Hybrid Meeting2024 grant round prep; annual fincial reports; board staffing plan and contractsMinutesMaterials
08/09/2023Hybrid Zoom CallAnnual Board MeetingMinutesOverview
5/24/2023Hybrid GoToMeeting CallStrategic Planning, 2023 Grant Round Updates, Board Logistics, Recovery Program Updates.MinutesOverview
3/29/2023Hybrid GoToMeeting CallStrategic Planning, 2023 Grant Round Updates, Legislative Updates.MinutesOverview
1/25/2023Hybrid GoToMeeting CallLegislative Updates, Strategic PlanningMinutesOverview
11/30/2022GoToMeeting Call2022 SRFB Review, Legislative Outreach, Updated Strategic PlanMinutesOverview
9/26/2022Hybrid GoToMeeting Call2022 Salmon Recovery Funding Grant Round, Legislative Outreach, Program UpdatesMinutesOverview
8/10/2022The REACH Museum
Hybrid GoToMeeting Call
Annual Board MeetingMinutesOverview
5/18/2022GoToMeeting Call2022 Grant Round, RCO and GSRO, Board LogisticsMinutesOverview
3/23/2022GoToMeeting Call2022 Grant Round Updates, Legislative Outreach & Fish Passage Prioritization, Board LogisticsMinutesOverview
1/19/2022GoToMeeting Call2022 Grant Round, State Budget & legislative outreachMinutesOverview
10/20/2021GotToMeeting CallAnnual Financial Reports; 2022 SRFB grant round planning.MinutesOverview
8/4/2021GoToMeeting CallAnnual Meeting; work plan and budget; approve annual project listMinutesOverview
5/19/2021GoToMeeting Call2021 Grant Round, Work Plan and Annual Meeting planningMinutesOverview
3/24/2021GoToMeeting Call2021 Grant Round; Fish passage prioritization; hiringMinutesOverview
1/20/2021GoToMeeting CallHiring, 2021 Grant Round, State Budget & legislative outreachMinutesOverview
10/07/2020GoToMeeting Call2021 Grant Round prep; Annual Financial Reports; program updatesMinutesOverview
8/13/2020GoToMeeting CallAnnual meeting; State of Yakima; Approval of 2020 SRFB Project ListMinutesOverview
5/20/2020GoToMeeting Call2020 SRFB grant round; COVID restriction impacts; annual mtg planningMinutesOverview
3/25/2020GoToMeeting CallStatewide Strategy update; lead entity, outreach, and recovery program updatesMinutesOverview
1/22/2020YBFWRB OfficeGSRO workshop; legislative outreach plans; lead entity and recovery program updatesMinutesOverview
10/2/2019YBFWRB OfficeRFB Targeted Investment Project; RCO, Ecology and Library Contracts; NOAA UpdatesMinutesOverview
7/31/2019ToppenishAnnual Meeting; Toppenish Creek Tour; 2019 Ranked List ApprovalMinutesOverview
5/22/2019YBFWRB OfficeWork Plan Review; Annual mtg planning; 2019 grant roundMinutesOverview
3/27/2019YBFWRB OfficeWDFW workshop; State legislation; outreachMinutesOverview
1/23/2019YBFWRB Office2019 grant round; WDFW budget; legislative updates; bull trout contractsMinutesOverview
10/10/2018YBFWRB OfficeState Budget Proposals; Orcas and Sea Lions; SRFB update; Mid-C Strategic PlanMinutesOverview
8/2/2018Roslyn, WAAnnual Meeting, awards, ranked SRFB Project list approvalMinutesOverview
6/21/2018YBFWRB OfficeSRFB Grant Round, Annual mtg preparation, work plan, outreach, bylawsMinutesOverview
3/15/2018YBFWRB OfficeWork session w/ US Forest Service, revised Citizen Committee Matrix, new Bull Trout $sMinutesOverview
1/18/2018YBFWRB OfficeBull Trout Recovery Work, Communication Plan, Personnel Policy Updates, membershipMinutesOverview
8/3/2017Ahtanum Youth ParkOpen house, lunch and annual meeting; approval of 2017 ranked SRFB project listMinutesOverview
6/01/2017YBFWRB Office2017 Grant Round; Klickitat LE presentation, State & Federal budgets; annual mtg prepMinutesOverview
3/16/2017YBFWRB OfficeNew Lead Entity Coordinator; SRFB funding and grant round; recovery program updatesMinutesOverview
1/19/2017YBFRWB OfficeSRFB Allocation Review; Columbia River EIS; New BLM Funding; 990 & Audit ApprovalMinutesOverview
10/06/16YBFWRB OfficeDarcy departure; State budget proposals for 2017-19; riparian workshopMinutesOverview
08/04/16YBFWRB OfficeApprove annual SRFB project list; response to budget cuts; deputy director positionMinutesOverview
05/26/16Naches DepotAnnual Meeting; coordination with Klickitat Lead EntityMinutesOverview
03/10/16YBFWRB OfficeApprove LE manual; letter to SRFB; staffing proposals; annual mtg planningMinutesOverview
01/14/16YBFWRB OfficePrep for 2016 grant round;bull trout update/MOA; fish passage update; Audit & 990 approvalMinutesOverview
10/08/15YBFWRB OfficeLE Grant Round, Review of Acquisition Projects, Plan Communication workshop, HiringMinutes
08/06/15Swauk GrangeApprove 2015 SRFB list, Approve communications consultant's scope of work, budget updates
5/21/15Ben Franklin TransitAnnual Meeting, Salmon Recovery Awards, State of the YakimaMinutesMaterials
3/12/15YBFWRB OfficeSRFB Grant Round Update, Outreach Program, Annual Meeting PlanningMinutesMaterials
1/15/15YBFWRB OfficeStrategic Communications, Program Updates, Staffing and ContractingMinutesMaterials
10/9/14YBFWRB OfficeLead Entity Program, Recovery Program, Year-end AuditMinutesMaterials
8/7/14YBFWRB OfficeLead Entity Program, Recovery Planning Update, Outreach UpdateMinutesMaterials
5/29/14Ellensburg ArmoryAnnual MeetingMinutesMaterials
3/13/14YBFWRB OfficeNOAA 5-Year Review, Program UpdatesMinutesMaterials
1/16/14YBFWRB OfficeLead Entity Program, YBIP Update, Recovery Planning UpdateMinutesMaterials
10/10/13YBFWRB OfficeYBIP Update, Program Updates, 990 ApprovalMinutesMaterials
8/7/13YBFWRB Office2013 SRFB Grant Ranking Approval, Year-End FinancesMinutesMaterials
5/30/13YBFWRB OfficeAnnual MeetingMinutesMaterials
3/14/13YBFWRB Office2013 Grant Schedule, Work Plan Review, Staff and Exec Committee VacancyMinutesMaterials
1/10/13YBFWRB Office2012 Grant Program, 2013-2015 Biennial Work Plan, Exec Committee VacancyMinutesMaterials
10/11/12YBFWRB OfficeYTAHP Presentation, Lead Entity Program, Outreach Strategic PlanMinutesMaterials
8/16/12YBFWRB OfficeLead Entity Program, Bull Trout Action Plan, OutreachMinutesMaterials
5/30/12YBFWRB OfficeOfficer Elections, Review/Approve FY13 Work Plan and Budget, Approve Committee MembersMinutesMaterials
3/29/12YBFWRB OfficeLead Entity Program, Recovery Planning Updates, State and Federal Agency CoordinationMinutesMaterials
 1/26/12YBFWRB Office<Lead Entity Process, Website, Board logisticsMinutesMaterials
10/13/11Cle Elum Hatchery
NOAA, Bull Trout Task Force presentation
8/18/11Prosser Hatchery
Lamprey presentation, review/approve 2011 project list
7/06/11YBFWRB Office
Annual mtg; approve workplan, budget, Board membership
3/10/11YBFWRB Office
Preparation for April strategic review
2/10/11YBFWRB Office
2010 project list status and updates MinutesMaterials
10/27/10YBFWRB OfficeYRBWEP Basin Study Plan & Yakima Canyon Initiative reviewMinutes
8/19/10YBFWRB OfficeShrub Steppe/Rangeland Partnership presentationMinutes
6/30/10YBFWRB OfficeSRFB/Lead Entity and recovery planning and implementation updatesMinutes
5/06/10YBFWRB OfficeAnnual mtg; approve workplan, budget, held Board officer elections and approved membershipMinutesMaterials
3/03/10YBFWRB Office
Steelhead, bull trout and implementation schedule updates
11/30/09YBFWRB OfficeLead Entity program business and recovery planning updatesMinutes
8/20/09YBFWRB OfficeLead Entity program business and recovery planning updatesMinutes
6/23/09YBFWRB OfficeSRFB/Lead Entity/GSRO consolidation update; proposal to fund WDFW participation in key recovery planning activitiesMinutes
4/30/09YBFWRB OfficeColumbia River harvest allocations; Cle Elum fish passage EIS reviewMinutes
1/28/09YBFWRB Office
Updates on steelhead recovery plan and bull trout planning Minutes
11/12/08YBFWRB Office2008 project list and updates on funded projectsMinutes
9/03/08YBFWRB OfficeDOE supplemental EIS for the Yakima Basin Water Storage study and RCD presentationMinutes
7/30/08YBFWRB OfficeSRFB/Lead Entity, steelhead recovery plan and monitoring updateMinutes
5/28/08YBFWRB OfficeSRFB/Lead Entity, steelhead recovery plan updates and Kennewick Irrigation District letter of supportMinutes
3/26/08YBFWRB OfficeResponse to storage study report and YRBWEP KOA proposalMinutes
2/13/08YBFWRB Office
SRFB/Lead Entity program and GSRO update Minutes
Yakima Co. Commissioners Rm.
Annual mtg; review/approve 2008 budget, workplan, steelhead recovery plan review draft

Yakima Co. Commissioners rm
SRFB/Lead Entity; GSRO update; BOR Yakima project biological opinion
8/30/07USDA Service Center
Review/approve 2007 project list; WDFW grazing lawsuit
7/25/07Yakima Health District Conference Rm
SRFB funding round update; review/approve letter on grazing/ESA lawsuit issues
 05/23/07Roza Dam
Tour; FCRPS Biological Opinion update; WDFW grazing lawsuit issues
Prosser Fish Hatchery
Tour; 2007 funding round preparation; coordination with watershed planning
Approval of steelhead extract concept and update on NOAA stock status reports and recovery scenarios
1/24/07YBFWRB Office
Review of Community Salmon Fund grants and Salmon Recovery Funding Board issues Minutes
YBFWRB OfficeReview Americorp contract and board hiring updates
10/12/06Yakama Nation Cultural CenterBPA/NPCC project review & recovery plan updates
YBFWRBProgram updates; AmeriCorp volunteer proposal; BiOp remand status
6/29/06YBFWRB OfficeBPA project prioritization; NOAA recovery plan revisions and BiOp remand; Lead Entity updates
5/24/06YBFWRB OfficeStatus of BPA prioritization process; NOAA recovery plan revisions; Lead Entity review updates; contract statusMinutes
4/05/06Zillah Civic CenterCreation of Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board, election of officers, review/adoption of bylaws, hiring of Executive Director, dissolution of previous organizationsMinutes