Outreach Plan

Our Communications Plan helps the YBFWRB more effectively share its story and successes, and explain in a clear, unified way why fish and wildlife recovery in the Yakima Basin matters to its many target audiences. The plan includes a broad vision; short, mid, and long-range goals; roles and responsibilities of YBFWRB staff, Board members, and committee members; a value proposition; target audiences with communication guidelines for each; strategies for monitoring and measuring progress; and a detailed work plan.

The key elements of this communications plan will:

  • Provide general messages about the YBFWRB’s work in the Yakima Basin;
  • Identify target audiences that are most relevant to the work of the YBFWRB;
  • Provide guidelines for key messaging and metrics for each audience;
  • Identify target audiences for YBFWRB channels of communications;
  • Provide near term, mid-range, and long-range communications priorities.

YBFWRB serves as the fiscal sponsor of Populus: The Columbia Basin Riparian Planting Partnership and the associated Eastern Washington Riparian Planting Symposium. The consortium started as a one-day conference, the brain child of Heather Simmons (Department of Ecology) and has grown to include year-round events and an annual one-day symposium since 2017. The consortium works to provide space for formal and informal learning opportunities (e.g. site tours, classes, and webinars) for riparian planting practitioners.

The Yakima Basin Habitat Restoration Projects booklet details the outcome of every project awarded funding through the Salmon Recovery Funding Board in the Yakima Basin. The booklet is updated biannually; the current version covers 1999-2019.

Guest Speakers

YBFWRB Staff and Area Experts can present on a wide range of fish and wildlife conservation topics.

If you would like one of us to make a presentation to your group or organization on salmon recovery in the Yakima Basin or the work of the Recovery Board, please contact us.

Watershed Display
Hands-on Watershed Display
Photo by A. Conley