On March 8th, 2018 the Washington Department of Ecology, Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board, and Yakama Nation Fisheries co-sponsored the 2nd annual Eastern Washington Riparian Planting Symposium. The symposium was attended by 150 people from throughout the Pacific Northwest. Topics focused on riparian planting issues specific to Eastern Washington.

A special thanks to all those who made this incredible event possible, particularly to Heather Simmons with WA Department of Ecology whose brain child it was and organized the event.

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1. Tipton D. Hudson, Washington State University Extension:
Riparian Planting, Physical Function, and Grazing Management

2. Emily Washines, Native Friends:
Integrating Cultural Knowledge into Riparian Restoration

3. Tom Elliott, Yakama Nation Wildlife Program & Kevin Fetherston, Natural Systems Design:
Riverine Landscapes: Planning for their Future in an Uncertain Climate

4. John Crandall, Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation & Rob Crandall, Methow Natives:

Riparian Plant Establishment Monitoring in the Methow Basin Pt. 1

MSRF MacPhearson Project Video

Riparian Plant Establishment Monitoring in the Methow Basin Pt. 2

MSRF Monitoring Protocol: Riparian Planting — Methow Watershed Effectiveness Monitoring Protocol

5. Steve Winter, Natural Systems Design:
Pathways and Pitfalls for Restoration Planting Projects

6. David G. James, Washington State University:
Riparian Areas for Butterflies and their Conservation in the Pacific Northwest

7. Chris Hoag, Hoag Riparian & Wetland Restoration, LLC:
Riparian Vegetative Design Considerations and Techniques

Breakout Sessions

1. Tom Elliot & Kevin Fetherston: Watershed Riparian Stewardship

2. Chris Hoag & John Crandall: Developing a Riparian Planting Plan

3. Julie Vanderwal & Helen Lau: Integrating Strategies for Invasive Weed Management

4. Rebecca Wassell & Kelsey Collins: Challenges and Ideas for Irrigating in Arid Lands Pt. 1

Challenges and Ideas for Irrigating in Arid Lands Pt. 2

Thank you to the Symposium Sponsors

Washington State Department of Ecology
Yakima Nation Fisheries
Bonneville Power Administration