On December 7, Washington State’s Salmon Recovery Funding Board marked $18 million to salmon habitat protection and restoration projects throughout the state. Of that amount, $1,186,813 was marked for six projects within the Yakima Basin. In an unprecedented scenario, Washington State is still without a capital budget which would provide authorization to officially award projects and allow project sponsors to enter into contracts with the state. Finalization of awards awaits a capital budget and an official press release will be posted when that occurs. 

We applaud our project sponsors, technical and citizen review committees, local staff, and SRFB state staff for a years worth of hard work. A special thank you must be acknowledged to RCO staff who have worked tirelessly to keep lead entities whole and provide as much support as possible for project sponsors in our current situation. We believe the locally-based competitive review process we run results in technically-sound projects with broad public support and is one of the reasons why salmon recovery works in Washington state! We are proud to serve as the Yakima Basin Lead Entity and appreciative of the hard work of all who have made this grant round a success. 

View the projects recommended for funding and their alternates here.