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The Yakima Bull Trout Working Group (BTWG) is an informal working group that brings partners working on bull trout conservation together approximately once every two months. Originally formed to draft the Yakima chapter of the 2002 draft of the USFWS Recovery Plan, the group has met regularly since. It has become the go-to-place to share updates and coordinate bull trout activities. The BTWG is coordinated by the Yakima Basin Fish and Wildlife Recovery Board in cooperation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

In 2010-12 the BTWG oversaw the development of the Yakima Bull Trout Action Plan (BTAP). In 2015, the USFWS released its final Endangered Species Act required Bull Trout Recovery Plan, which identifies the BTAP as the guide to implementing bull trout recovery in the Yakima Basin.  BTWG is currently updating the BTAP to ensure that all actions are up to date and consistent with the USFWS Recovery Plan, and that partners are following through to implement the actions that have been prioritized.

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